Tuesday, February 2, 2010

...Powerpoint presentations!

I love to create powerpoint presentations! The best thing about them is making them flash and shine and really represent the message you are trying to get across. I get caught up in the animations. You can really make words and pictures do anything you want them to. This program is amazing. I'm pretty sure I spend more time tweaking and perfecting a powerpoint presentation than I do actually remembering what I'm gonna say. The timing has to be perfect on every slide or the presentation won't flow like it should. Trust me, I've seen many a presentation that is so so dull because the powerpoint slides have too much information on them and don't capture you and make you wanna watch it.

Nobody likes preparing presentations, nor do they like listening to boring information being read to you off the overhead slides. That's why you've got to stimulate the audience's brains! Make them want more. Make them want to listen to see how the words go with the animations! Make them remember your presentation the most at the end of the day. Make them think that even though your presentation was on thimbles or outer space or geology, it was the most interesting thing they've heard in a long time.

But beware...you can do too much! That's right, you can add too much animation and shine, that you lose focus of what you're presenting and you can get a bad grade. Make sure to balance the fun with the facts. With all that said, I've got a presentation in a week and I look forward to making our powerpoint slides grab your attention.

So, next time you have a powerpoint presentation, call me up and I'll razzle dazzle you!


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