Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Updated Blog Site

Good Morning!  Well, I may pass up my Tuesday Top Ten today because I wanted to let you all know I've updated my blog site.  Now, for my followers...all 5 of you, I MAKE you read my blog posts, so I'm pretty sure you've never really been to my actual blog site.  So, here's your chance to see how great it is.  Go to http://www.chix20chix.blogspot.com/ and have a look for yourself.  Click on the different tabs and read some other stuff about me.  I'm trying to get more followers, so I'm thinking if my own followers actually went to my page then others would start as well.  Let me know what you think.  Post a comment or email me or text or call.  I'm just learning these new things about blogging, so I need some feedback.

Other than that, I tried running in my new shoes last night and they felt good.  I'm not convinced enough yet to give them a "great" rating, but they feel nice.  The are the new Brooks Pure Flow and I love the way they look.

Fast huh?  Anyway, they are light as a feather, but tighter through the arch area and with actual arch support, so we'll see how they fare.

I signed up for the Great Pumpkin Chase 10K this Sunday morning.  I don't really think I'm ready, but I really need the mileage and I get a cool t-shirt!  I can at least gauge my time for the first 5K and compare it to my time this past Sunday.  I'll remember not to wipe my nose this time around.

Well, everyone have a great day, and don't forget to check out the actual blog site.  Hopefully I can get back on later today to do a Top Ten.

Getting faster and going farther!



  1. I hope I'm on the actual blog site?

    I look forward to hearing what you think of those shoes, I just got a Brooks ID gig thingie and never been a huge Brooks fan, but I heard these have a great low heel-drop, which I need.

  2. I think I'm here too!
    I've heard good things about those shoes. Hope you enjoy them.