Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Double Bonus, a Baker's Dozen, and a Fortnight

Well, Day 12 was's Wednesday...and Day 12 has come and gone so quickly. I got really really ill this past weekend. I actually skipped work on Monday and Tuesday and even class last night. It's very rare that I miss work, especially two days! But I never miss class, but when you feel like your head is going to explode, the last thing you want to be doing is making eliminating entries when a company acquires a percentage of another company midway through the fun! But it all had to come to an end sometime. I am currently at work and will be going to class tonight. Blah! What's unfortunate is that I haven't been able to workout since Saturday. I'm losing weight is pretty unhealthy way!

Well, Day 12 was a double bonus, which means that my inspiration book included Feb. 29th just in case you were reading it in a Leap Year. 2010 is not, so I got the Feb. 29th entry as well as the Mar. 1st entry...double bonus! Although I did not run on Monday, my book told me to run and not train. When it is a task, you despise it, but when you decide to do it, it can be fun. It's like reading a book for fun and reading the same book that your high school teacher has assigned to you. We've all been through this. We also need to remember that we are our biggest strength, but we are also our biggest weakness. It's all about our attitude...if we tell ourselves we can't do it or are too slow, we have defeated ourselves before we have even started, but if we stay positive and push ourselves from within we can make it to the finish line. I remember my first half, I was about to mile 8 when I asked myself, "Who signed me up for this stupid race?" About mile 10 I asked, "Why would anyone in their right mind want to run this far, ever?" And at mile 12 I was asking, "Haven't I gone far enough yet?" Luckily, by mile 13 I had realized that I signed myself up for this race, I wanted to run this race myself, and I hadn't gone far enough yet, so I dug deep within and kept telling myself, "You can do this, you've gone this far so finish strong, keep going!" The power of positive thinking got me across that finish line!

So, on the Amazing Race Sunday night contestants had a road block where one member of each team had to run around a farm and collect ingredients for some foriegn dish and one of those ingredients were a baker's dozen of eggs. Now, I had hoped that because they were so specific about telling us a "baker's" dozen, that some of the contestants would fail to realize that it meant 13 and not 12. Luckily, everyone knew this, so there were no stragglers wondering what they had forgotten. But why do bakers want 13 instead of 12? It was either to ensure that there were 12 if something happened to the 13th, or it was to maximize space when cooking. Either way, getting 13 for 12 is an okay deal unless you're gambling!! Tuesday saw no running either. I realize how much I miss running when I'm not able to do it. I'm scared I'm gonna have to start all over with low mileage, but it'll be good to be back in the habit.

My boss just asked me what a fortnight was! How excited will he be when I tell him 14! That's two full weeks. Two full weeks of The Battle for Seattle so far! I sat down the other night and began designing my's gonna be awesome! Do you know what I like about running? It gives me something else to look forward to in my life. I have graduation coming up, I have going home to my GF everyday, I have our date nights when we go watch shows, I have Saturday morning breakfast with my mother, I have weekend visits with my niece, and I have a finish line to cross. That finish line gives me tiny goals everyday to reach and the experience is ALL MINE! Others will be there to participate, watch, cheer, but ultimately it is my goal to finish. It is my race, my time, my journey. Make it yours too...I'm encouraging you to do it with me! Make it your race and your journey too!

I hope you enjoyed my 3 day post...I hope to be getting back in the grind soon.


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