Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2 Top Tens

Tuesday's Top Ten Lists have been missing the last couple weeks, so as a special treat today, even though it's not Tuesday, I'm giving you 2 top ten lists!  This is courtesy of my lovely, lovely, seester-in-law because she has never seen my all time favorite movie.  A little textual banter led me to today's 2 top ten lists!  Everybody say "Thank you Seester!"

My Top Ten Favorite Movies (That I can think of right now, as I'm sure I'll remember movies all night long and regret not putting them on this list)

10. Fried Green Tomatoes - Love the story and the storytelling.  Jessica Tandy is AMAZING!

9.  A Christmas Story - Who hasn't seen this movie?  You get about 48 hours of nonstop action on Christmas Eve and Day on TBS or TNT or AMC or whatever channel they decide to play it on.  Just your classic "You'll shoot your eye out" film.

8.  The Village - My all time favorite M. Night Shyamalan film.  You really have no idea where this movie is taking you...brilliant suspense and quite the puzzle to put together in your head.  You either love it or you hate it.

7.  The Usual Suspects - Not your usual movie, but one of the best Kevin Spacey movies EVER!  He's brilliant in this.

6.  Finding Nemo - What's not to like about this movie?  You had me at Ellen!

5.  The Shawshank Redemption - Unbelievable movie!  So heartfelt!  The kind of people I'd wanna be in lockup with.

4.  Love Actually - Have to watch this every year during the holidays!  Hugh Grant dancing might be one of my favorite things to watch!

3.  The Little Mermaid - I'm pretty sure I watched this movie about 1,000 times.  I know every song by heart and I'm proud to say it's one of my faves.

2.  Empire Records - Just a great movie.  Renee Zellwegger in her early years AND she sings to us!  Plus, Sexy Rexy was also in Grease 2 (and who doesn't love Grease 2).

1.  And My All Time Favorite Movie (that my seester hasn't seen) is - West Side Story - Just your average gang fight between guys in tight polyester pants, and lots of singing and dancing!  Great Romeo and Juliet story translated to the tough streets of New York City.

During our textual banter, I might have mentioned to my seester that I wanted to rub my cat all over her face (not to be taken in a sexual context), because she's allergic, and she mistook that for me wanting to kill her.  I don't want to kill her, but she gave me the idea for the top ten things that make me want to rub cats in people's faces.  So, here you go:

Top Ten Things That Make Me Want To Rub Cats in People's Faces (Who Are Allergic):

10.  Obviously, not having seen West Side Story deserves a cat in the face!  I don't want to kill her, but I want her to understand the importance of having this as part of your movie's as important as your life!

9.  Asking me to do something by putting it on a post-it, deserves a cat in the face!  Just use a regular size piece of paper, or text me, but don't put a post-it on my computer screen that says "Do This Now!"  RUDE!

8.  Talking to me like I'm an idiot, deserves a cat in the face!  I'm not an idiot...I may act like a child oftentimes, but I'm not an idiot!  Don't talk to me like you're better than me, cause you're fact, I'm better than you!

7.  Being a stupid driver, deserves a cat in the face!  I don't mean crazy driving (like the GF), or even slow driving, I mean stupid driving.  You know those've seen them and you probably hate them too.

6.  A bad, bad, bad person deserves a cat in the face!  I mean like a child molester, or rapist, or murderer...along those lines.  It's uncalled for to treat people in a terrible way like this.  You definitely deserve more than a cat in the face, but if it'll cause temporary pain, then so be it!

5.  Hating cats deserves a cat in the face!  I'm sure my favorite two people in the world (my seester and my BFJ) don't actually Hate cats, they just hate that they can't cuddle with them!  And that would be terrible!  But just flat out hating cats is just crazy...everybody should have some sort of facination with cats...I mean, they can jump really high!  P.S.  Sometimes I hate my cats, so they lay on my face while I sleep!

4.  People who take friendly competition way too far, deserves a cat in the face!  This isn't the world series, nor am I getting a paycheck, so why act like it's for an olympic medal?  Chill out and have fun, otherwise: cat in the face!

3.  Ex-lovers who are stupid, deserves a cat in the face!  I'm done with you, so stay out!  Take your stuff and don't let the door hit you on the way out...I'm with someone new.  Oh, yeah you forgot this cat in your face!

2.  Someone who can't think for themselves, deserves a cat in the face!  You probably deserve a lot more since you're being mind f**ked, but cat in the face will suffice for now!

1.  Thinking you're better than me, deserves a cat in the face TWICE!  Enough said!

Hope you enjoyed!  Please note that if one of these things happens while you're around me, it doesn't mean that I'll put a cat in your face, but just know that you deserve it!  Love you.


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