Thursday, November 3, 2011

Resting Heart Rate

Today I thought I'd check my resting heart rate!  Actually, I decided not to go to the gym at lunch and rest instead...more like I changed into my workout clothes, sat at my computer to put my running shoes on, and never got back up.  So, my resting heart rate is probably normal right now!  Although I do have to get back up to change back into my regular clothes!  I just wasn't feeling it today.  Maybe it's because of the workout I got at volleyball last night.  There were seriously some moments where we had to stop to catch our breath during the games.  Sometimes it was because we were playing a really good point, sometimes it was because we were laughing so hard (cause I bumped the ball right off my face), and other times it was because we were running circles in the sand!  Anywho, I told the GF that I'm more satisfied deciding not to workout than I would have been had I worked out and not ran so swell!  Sometimes you just need a break!

Well, work has been super busy lately...partly because it's the end/beginning of the month stuff going on, but also because of this huge trial that started Monday.  Everybody needs everything and with such a small office, it sometimes falls into my hands.  I've been doing well at work lately, not dreading being here so much anymore, but I've been trying to keep myself focused and organized...neither of which I'm very good at, but I'm trying.  Luckily I have my blog and others that I follow to keep me sane!  I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get the phone call telling me I get to teach a class this Spring!  Keep yours crossed too!

The best thing about today is that tomorrow is Friday!


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