Friday, November 11, 2011

Lackluster Running Week

Hello Everyone!  I'd like to take a quick moment to say Happy Birthday Granny!  Her birthday was yesterday and I didn't have a chance to blog.  She was the whole reason I originally started this blog almost 2 years ago and I miss her so so much!  I started my blog because I was running the Seattle Half Marathon in her honor and I wanted to document my training along the way.  I think I did her proud...not only did I have a great time, I also got the GF to train and run almost along side me!  The name has changed quite a few times since then, but it remains about my life and journey running and beyond!  I hope you've enjoyed it over the years and I hope to continue to be inspired to write about my life and running escapades.  Thanks for reading!

Now, on to my week of non-running.  That 9 miler on Sunday really pooped me out.  I think my ankle screams every time I put on my running shoes.  The last weekend of September I twisted my ankle and never really gave it a chance to get better before I started being active again, so needless to say, it gets pretty sore every long run over about 3 miles.  Unfortunately though, I'm gonna try to put in a really good run today, so I guess I'll worry about my ankle in late January!  I've decided to run the Rock'n'Roll Arizona Half Marathon mid-January and rumor has it my bro  and fam might make an appearance at the race again!!  Anywho, I really need to focus and get in a good run today, because I'm gonna try to go for 10 to 11 miles this coming Sunday...we'll see...I'd be happy with anything above 8!

So, the big trial that I've discussed a few times on here is coming to a close.  The jury is out for deliberations, so we'll know something soon.  I can't discuss it on here, but I'll let you know when it's finally over!  Otherwise, I'm just starting to focus on my new teaching job!  I will be picking up my instructional materials next week, so things are getting real.  I'm also secretly hoping I might get assigned another class for next semester!  Keep your fingers crossed!  Also, it's quite exciting to see my name on the class registration page AND to see that people have signed up for the class already.  I'm sure it's because it's the only time that fits in their schedule, but secretly I can think it's because they saw that I was teaching it, so of course they had to sign up!

I hope you've got fun plans for the weekend!


P.S. Sandusky + Paterno = Cats in the Face!!

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