Friday, November 11, 2011

Losing Motivation

So, I was pretty gung-ho about my run this afternoon!  I was especially motivated after only working out once all week.  I needed to put in some good miles today because I've got another long run on Sunday!  I grabbed my bag and did my daily ritual where I go into the bathroom, take off my clothes, put on my running clothes, and pack my bag back up and go back to my desk to put on my shoes.   I have my hand on the knob to exit the bathroom when I realize I don't have any pants on!  That's right!  I forgot my running shorts!  Oops!  By the time I changed back and headed to the store to buy more shorts, lunch was almost over so I decided to postpone my run til after work, and pray that I wouldn't lose the motivation!

Well, the clouds started rolling in thicker and it started getting colder...not my favorite type of running weather!  Not that I run outside in this crap, but it doesn't help my motivation.  We got off an hour early today to honor Veterans Day (not the whole day...that'd be just crazy!) and I was tired with a pounding headache, BUT I still went to the gym!  And I did a stunning 5 miles that felt amazing!  Who'd have thought I'd be able to go that far after not doing anythng all week?  Anyway, I'm home now and going to relax all weekend til my long run!  Drink some margaritas!

Thank you Vets!


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