Friday, November 25, 2011

Shopping Madness and Smiles

Dark Gray Thursday went just as I expected...5 and a half hours at Walmart (3 and a half for me)!  We were planning on getting a nice tv from Best Buy, but when the GF drove by there were a million 200 people there.  So she went and stood in line for a different tv at Walmart and was the 9th person in line!  But she had to stay there until midnight, which meant that I had to fight the crowds for the other stuff we wanted.  I can see now why there were only 200 people at Best Buy, because the rest of the city was at Walmart!  It was a madhouse.  A bunch of stuff went on sale at 10pm, so they had each item on a pallet and saran wrapped and people stood around the item waiting until it was time to rip the wrap to shreds and pile as many of each item into your cart as possible.  After I found the items I wanted, I would take them and put them in the GF's cart.  Well, it turns out all the people the GF was in line with also wanted stuff from around the store, but couldn't leave their spot in line.  So I, for 3 hours, walked circles around the store trying to find good deals for everyone in line!  I'm hoping the good karma will come back to me!  After a 5 and a half hour wait, the GF got the tv she waited for, the crockpot we wanted, and the waffle maker we wanted!  Other than the waiting time, it really wasn't that horrible for the GF....cause I was the one battling the crowds!

We had quite the Thanksgiving Day spread...all my favorites.  But what counteracted the food was my  5 mile run when we woke up.  I didn't think I would complain about the hills in Amarillo, but they were there and I didn't like them.  The GF and her sister rode bikes along side me as I ran, so it wasn't so lonely in the Land of Nothing to Look at!  Not sure if a run is in the cards for me today...not only have I had 3 doughnuts and leftover turkey, but it's rainy and windy and not my cup of tea...maybe I'll begin the Taper today (9 days and counting).

Vegas is almost upon us and although the main purpose of the trip is for my race, my mind is focused on gambling.  I love to gamble and I'm pretty sure it'll take up the majority of my trip.  Luckily, the lovely GF also loves to gamble!  Here's what I think the percentage breakdown will look like:

Approximately 86 hours of trip Friday - Monday
19% Driving
24% Sleeping (inflated by extra pre-race hours)
5% Eating
3% Race Expo
7% Race (inflated by time to get to start line)
35% Gambling (inflated by time I will be gambling while sleeping, eating, and racing!)

As you can see, it's gonna be a fun fun trip!  Maybe we'll come back with money in our pockets and smiles on our faces!



  1. Hey...
    Can you email me your mailing address for the blog gift exchange (runwithjill)? I couldn't find your email address to email you for it:

    Good luck in Vegas!! So many bloggers going, what great fun! So excited for you!


  2. Glad you survived the shopping! Best of luck coming back with more money than when you started. I'll be pulling for you.