Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Abundance of Running

Vegas, Here We Come!

My Vegas halfer is just 17 days away and although I've been pretty good about running almost everyday, I've only done one real long run!  If I can get one in this weekend and one in next weekend, I think I'll be set to PR on the 4th!  2 and a half weeks sounds farther away than 17 days, but I think it's time to face reality and get down to business!  If I stick with my training plan and do my long runs as scheduled, by the time I toe the line in Vegas I will have run about 70miles in the next 17 days.  That's a lot of mileage!  Hopefully it'll pay off and I'll be in better shape than I was last year. 

No Rest For The Weary!

Exactly 6 weeks after Vegas, I will be lining up for the Phoenix halfer.  I can take a mini break after Vegas, but really I just gotta jump back in to training again, or at least upholding where I stand.  Last year I completely failed to train between the two races and paid for it HUGELY in Phoenix.  Most of you know the story, but as a reminder, there were moments during the Phoenix race where I thought I was keeping a good pace, only to look down and see my feet barely moving!  Let's not repeat that!  Besides, I'm looking forward to the new course in Phoenix...hopefully it's a lot less running around for my loved ones who just wanna see me racing!  This race will be a little harder to PR, since it'll be my 4th time running it AND like I said before it's a new course.  My current PR in Phoenix is from 2005 when I was in my 20s and in much better shape!

Decisions, Decisions!

It's not quite official yet, but the GF might run a race in June 2012!  Actually, I'm just encouraging her to run a race with me again!  I think she can honestly beat me if she trains like she did last year!  She can still find speed...I don't think I'll ever get faster than I am right now!  Anywho, the GF was saying that I can't just do nothing all year and then run 2 races back to back every year, so I'm considering running the San Diego halfer in early June next year (another trip idea for the Bro and fam!)  I'm trying to talk others into running with me, so talk to me if you're interested!  This is starting to sound like a fun and exciting trip!

Running is great fun!


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  1. How exciting...17 days to Vegas! I think half of blog world is going to Vegas, how fun!! And then Phoenix, very cool. Sounds like you like the RnR series with San Diego and should venture up to Denver and do the half or full in September! :)

    Good luck with the rest of your training....almost taper time - yay!