Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Great Weekend

What an eventful last 5 days it's been.  I was crazy busy on Friday going to trial and trying to get things done at the office.  Then a bestie came into town for her birthday and we all went to dinner.  Saturday the bro-in-law came to town and we all went to lunch and bowling and watched movies.  Sunday I ran 9 miles (that's right!), the farthest I've gone since my January half, then I drove all over town, had lunch with the GF and both besties, drove around some more, and then finally got to sit down, relax, and watch tv with the GF!  Yesterday I had my orientation for CNM and was busy at work again, then had a Lion King thing (which was pretty darn cool), and got to relax at home again with the GF.

Sunday evening I received a call from CNM and I was officially assigned a class to teach in the Spring.  I went online today and my name is there, next to the class, ready for people to sign up!  How exciting is that...It's actually happening!  I also got my new CNM ID...pretty good pic!

As for my 9 miler, my goal was 8 miles.  For the first 7 miles I felt great, mile 8 was a bit tough, but I think it's because I knew mile 9 was all uphill.  I should've just clocked my time after 8 and then walked the last mile, but thought I'd push myself.  All in all, in was a great accomplishment that I'll have to overcome this weekend with an even longer run!

Today's workout started pretty blah.  My goal was to run about 4 to 5 miles, but after 1.5 miles I decided that was enough, so I did 10 minutes on the rower, 10 minutes on the bike, and 10 minutes on the stairmaster.  Made me feel a lot better working out for 45 minutes when I just wasn't feeling the running today.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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