Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So, you all deserve to meet Jersey of Justice and Neko the Nemesis! 

They greeted all the trick-or-treaters like this for about 2 and a half hours.  I was busy getting drunk with ole Jack'O.

All in all, in was a good night, but I think we have some major wishes plans in store for next year!

I had a good run today.  I drove to the gym and then ran back to the office.  It's about a 4 mile run and it's pretty much all downhill!  I had to stop after about 14 minutes to pee behind a dumpster, but it was back on the road after that!  I really need to figure out this pee problem I have...because one day there won't be a dumpster around!  It's still amazingly hot outside.  Temp right now says it's 69 degrees, but it feels like 75!

Feels like it's been a whole week already, not just 2 days!  I'm already looking forward to the weekend!


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