Monday, November 14, 2011

Treadmill Girl at Heart

This is not me...I've got orange shoes!
It's no secret, but I love the Treadmill!  The journey to get to the treadmill might be a bit hard, but actually running on the treadmill is amazing!  I don't like to run at night (or early mornings when the sun hasn't come up yet).  I don't like to run in the bad elements (cold, wind, rain, etc.).  And I don't like to run in the boring scenery (anywhere in my neighborhood).  I love, love, love running in the heat or nice average temps (for Alb, that'd be high 60s and higher, unless it's windy).  When I don't have good weather or sun, then I'll hit the treadmill!  We finally bought one for the house, so I don't even have to drive to the gym.  Actually, I drive to the gym now because the Home Treadmill or "homill" just faces a blank wall in an empty room!  The gym is also convenient during my lunch hour (only 4 miles away).  On warm days I like to run to the office from the gym (all downhill).

Christmas List

It's that time of year again when the GF asks for my Christmas List.  Normally one would think it's just a list of all the things you would love to unwrap on Christmas morning, and receiving anything on the list would put a giant smile on my face!  Although, think of the smile you get when you unwrap EVERYTHING that's on the list?  I feel bad because I don't really need everything on my list, but it's things I want of course.  Maybe this year she'll pick and choose a few things...although I'm sure I'll end up getting her everything on her list too!  Such a hypocrite I am!

Running These Days

So, Friday I ran 5 miles and it felt great.  Sunday I was supposed to do a long run of about 8+, but ended up only doing 5 miles.  Now, first off, the 5 miles felt great.  I'm glad it doesn't hurt so bad anymore to run that distance.  Second, although I really need to put in a couple more long runs above 8 miles, I feel confident that I'm gonna be in better shape than last year.  I'm not gonna focus on beating my time, just kidding...I'm gonna kill it!  Really though, I just don't want it to hurt crossing the finish line, like it did in January!

Monday is almost officially over!!


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