Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Excuse Me? Do You Smell That?

So, I did my speedwork at the gym this afternoon.  As I entered the room with all the treadmills, this horrendous smell climbed up into my nostrils and almost made me choke.  It was the WORST body odor I've ever smelled.  Now, I've smelled bad BO before, but it didn't circle the room and assault you during your workout.  Even when I started running and I was sucking in more air, I had to hold the towel up to my face to breathe into it.  It's not like farting on the treadmill, because the fart smell drifts upward and onward and is only unpleasant for half a minute or so.  This was like World War III up under this man's armpits!  It was brutal.  It was actually really hard to focus on my running until FINALLY he was done with his run and left the room.  Then it was like someone sucked out all the bad smell and we could all focus again.

Despite that setback, I had a good workout!  Like I said before, I did speedwork.  Since I'm so close to my race, the speedwork is a lot harder than when I started out.  I'm running 800's now (twice around the track) instead of 100's (a qauarter of the way around a track).  It's tough to maintain a faster-than-my-own pace for 2 laps, but somehow I found the strength and I also increased the speed for every 800!  I was pretty impressed with myself.  It's a nice feeling to leave my workouts with a completely soaked t-shirt...although the GF would say otherwise, since she's the one that sometimes has to touch them so they'll get washed but after a week, they're all still in a big wet ball in the laundry basket!

We did that thing last that thing where you go shopping the day after a major holiday and buy all the decorations at half off and store them for next year!  We probably saved $75 buying Halloween decorations on sale!  Just be ready to attend a huge, very finely decorated Halloween party next year!  I've notified you, so don't make plans!

The GF made her all time favorite alcoholic beverage last night...a shot of tequila coconut margarita and I'm pretty sure she got drunk off half a glass...silly lightweight!  She also made some amazing red chile chicken enchiladas!  I think she outdid herself because they were amazing.  I may even like them better than the green chile ones, but really, why can't I have both!

Happy Hump Day!


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