Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Over the last couple of months, since I've been back to the blogosphere, I've been reading quite a few running blogs and have learned some new stuff in my last 2 months journey!  I've also gotten quite motivated by reading these blogs and it's helped me almost stick to my training plan.  Here is a list of the Top Ten Things I've Learned From Other Running Blogs:

10 - It's okay to pee or poop in the wilderness!  Sometimes when you gotta go...you gotta go!  Mother Nature allows all her earth's creatures access to her outdoor bathroom, so don't be shy.  Pull up a bush and drop a load.

9 - Shut up and run!  I was having a bit of a motivation problem, so I sent another blogger a quick message asking her for tips and although she wrote a nice sized email back, her main message was to "shut up and run"...really it was like "don't think, just do", but you get the idea!

8 - Most everyone is faster than me!  everybody lists their PR's for races on their site, as do I, but everyone else's is way faster than me.  I've already accepted that I'm not fast, but I wish there were other bloggers who were my pace...which is slow!

7 - Nobody likes to run on the treadmill!  I love Millie, but most bloggers would rather throw on layer after layer of clothing and brave the elements.  Not me...bring on the heat or the mill!

6 - People run at all times of the day!  I run over my lunch break.  It's hard for me to wake up in the morning and I'm pretty drained after work, so I go at lunch.  But reading blogs all day, people are doing 11 mile runs on Wednesdays and 14 milers on a Thursday...crazy runners!

5 - People will do anything to get free stuff!  I'm not sponsored, nor do companies send me stuff to try-out and blog about it, nor do I have the funds to purchase stuff to give away, but loads of bloggers give away fun stuff!  I have yet to win anything because some are based off point systems and I lose points for not having FB or being a Tweeter.  Oh well!

4 - Every city in the world has a Turkey Trot except for Amarillo...where I'll be!  People have been spouting off all the turkey runs they'll be doing over the holiday weekend, but Amarillo isn't holding any sort of event so I'll be running by my lonesome around the block before I cram mass amounts of food down my throat!

3 - If you register for a big race, you'll probably run into bloggers there!  They're everywhere!  Honestly, everywhere!  I'll probably run into some in Vegas or Phoenix.  It's like a whole new family full of people who understand why running is exciting!

2 - It's okay to talk about stuff other than running!  I do this quite a bit because I have so much going on in my head, but some of these bloggers are pretty effing hilarious.  Just hearing about their lives sometimes can be very interesting and somewhat motivating.

1 - Everyone drinks beer before and after a race!  This is my favorite recovery drink, but I'm pretty sure it's catching on!  It goes down pretty good post race too!  Replaces all the beer that evaporated during the run!

Have I taught you anything over the years of blogging?


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  1. Hey! Not everyone is faster than you! There's lots who are the same :) And I don't put my PR's in my sidebar because they are all 15 years old :P And no one sends me free stuff either :( But it's all good... we just do what we do and are who we are! Did you go to any of the Vegas blogger meet-ups? Just read your quickie race report... so awesome you had a good race! :) Congrats!