Monday, December 14, 2009

...the Holiday Season!

I don't consider myself a Scrooge, but there are many people out there that would disagree with me. Some people think I'm a no-good, Christmas-hating, coal-in-your-stocking Scrooge! And to some degree maybe I am. I'm just not a big Christmas fan. I don't see why it gets so much attention. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE PRESENTS! I would accept a present on any day of the week! Why wait til the end of the year, when I'm willing to accept them year-round! And most all my friends already know this about me. Some have even vowed to change my mind about Christmas forever. And I believe someday it may happen, just not this year.

Without confusing the two, aside from what I've said above, I love the Holiday Season! This, in my opinion, spans from Halloween until St. Patrick's Day! Why so long, you ask? Well, since my Birthday spans from about mid-May until mid-July, I need a small break afterwards to get ready for the holiday season. Halloween is great because of all the candy (which I eat until shortly before Christmas). Thanksgiving is great because of all the 'traditional' foods I get to eat (by traditional, I mean green bean casserole, candied yams, mashed potatoes and gravy, and turkey (the dark meat)). Christmas also has all new candy to eat, great food, and did I mention PRESENTS!!! Then New Year's Eve is great because there's a celebration going on no matter where you are. Then you have Martin Luther King's Birthday and President's Day which both fall on a Monday and that normally cancels class, so that's reason to celebrate. Then you have Valentine's Day, which is best because of the cute candy hearts (but not the ones that taste funny, only the sweetheart or smarties kind are the best), plus there's so much love in the air. And finally, St. Patrick's Day is great because of the green beer and cabbage (the bagpipes are pretty cool too)! Also mixed in the holiday season are my best friends birthday, my brothers birthday, and my girlfriends birthday and that means PRESENTS!

So, as you can see, I've got other holidays to think about throughout the year and I don't think Christmas is so special that it deserves so much attention. Which is why I spend so much time celebrating my own there's a holiday that needs 12 days leading up to it! It's a reason to decorate the house (inside and out). It's a reason to have a big feast featuring the traditionals. And it's a reason to parade me with PRESENTS!

Happy Holidays!

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