Friday, December 25, 2009

...24 useable hours in every day!

Now, although we have so much time everyday to get things done, it never happens. Of that 24, I sleep at least 8 to 9, so now I only have 15 useable hours. Of that 15, I probably watch a good 4 hours of tv, so now I only have 11 useable hours. Of that 11, I am at work about 8 of those hours (we'll discuss how I utilize those hours in a minute), so now I only have 3 useable hours. So, of that 3 hours, I am either showering, getting dressed or undressed, eating, driving, or doing something random. So, really, there isn't much time in the day to get things done.

My 8 hours at work consist of an hour lunch break (which can be as long as 2 hours). Patching it all together, I probably spend 2 to 3 hours on the internet either surfing, emailing, blogging, whatever. So, that leaves me about 3 hours to do some work stuff, talk to my co-workers, fix some food, grab a soda, or watch Daisy bark at the wind.

If you look at what I just calculated, I am the most focused when I am sleeping. I am second best at watching tv with surfing the internet running a close third. And lastly, I get plenty of time to eat. I always wonder what my life would be like if I worked as much as I should, but then I realize I don't really care to find out. Maybe next year, on some day in January, I'll keep track of everything I do during a normal day and see if this all really rings true. I might have to make some changes in my daily routines!

So, next time you're wasting your time just sitting on the couch or surfing the internet, try sleeping less and it'll give you more time to do nothing!


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