Monday, December 21, 2009

...the many Levels of Love!

Do you ever catch yourself telling your friend on the phone you love them? Or your boss? How about a classmate? Well, I'm pretty sure I've told everyone in my life at one point or another that I love them. But, since there are so many levels of love, it's okay to express how you feel, even if you do say the L word (not to be confused with all the other L words out there, I'm talking about LOVE)! So, let's go through some of those levels:

There's the in love-in love kind of love...the kind where you have to say it twice cause you're so in love! Like, I'm in love-in love with my girlfriend more than life itself...for numerous reasons not mentioned in this blog. This is the head-over-heels in love where you do 'things' with this person and share 'things' with this person that you don't do or share with anyone else.

There's the love-love kind of love...the kind where you love love someone who you are really close to and is your best friend or close enough to it. There's a connection that you have with this person that many other people will never have with you. In my situation, it is a past love that I am not in love with, but still stays close to my heart.

Then there's the love kind of love that has it's own mini the kind where you love them because they are family or really close friends and you care for them on a very personal level and not complete strangers level.

...the kind where someone did something really special or great for you and you are gracious for their kindness. For example, if a classmates takes notes on an important night you had to miss and the notes helped you ace your test then you might say, "Thank you so much...I love you for doing this!"

...the kind where you call someone love like you might foreign (cause certain Americans aren't this nice), like as a greeting or sign of thanks. For example, saying, "Hello, love!" or "Thanks, love!"

...the kind where you are wishing someone well for an upcoming flight, or major event in their lives, or consoling someone. For example, saying, "Fly safe, love you!" or "Love you, take care!" You say this because you want them to know you are thinking about them and they mean something to you.

I'm sure I can go on and on with different levels of love, so I'll stop here. But, next time you're with a good friend, think about why you might love them...and don't forget to say it...they'll appreciate it and they might love you right back!


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