Sunday, December 20, 2009

...knowing perfect strangers!

How many times have you been in this situation: you're out with friends, someone you know comes in or happens to be there, but you just can't remember their name? So, do you ask them 'what's your name again?'. Do you introduce your friends and hope that they ask their name so you can hear it and hope it jogs your memory, or do you do nothing and just hope that it comes up at some point during the evening? One more option is just asking someone else, but then you don't wanna look like the idiot who can't remember Bob! Well, I've got a silent code with my closest friends that helps in these situations. They all should know that when I introduce you first, and I don't say the other person's name then you say, "I'm Carrie. What's your name again?" Then the other person is so polite, they say their name, you hear it, and then you're GOLDEN!! Great plan, but follow through is hard if the other friend is not on board with you. Then you're stuck explaining why Uncle Todd looked so familiar!  So, if a friend ever introduces you to their friends, then introduce yourself as someone completely different cause you know they can't remember your name anyway!!


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