Friday, December 11, 2009

...taking FINAL exams...ugh!

So, as most of you know, I am working on getting my Masters in Accounting at Anderson School of Management at UNM (yes, the infamous UNM, thanks to Elizabeth Lambert)! Well, anyway, I'm in my 3rd semseter of my Masters program, and this is the last week of school. Finals week is next week. Thinking back to undergrad days, when it was time for finals week, you always hated having Wednesday or Thursday classes because while everyone was out drinking beer and celebrating the end of their semester, you were still studying because you had one more final Thursday night. So, I've run into that situation this year. I have class on Monday and Thursday nights, so my semester goes until 9:45 on Thursday, December 17th! Sucky, I know!

Well, get this: Monday night at class, our professor says, "Whoever has a 95% or above is excused from the final exam!" So, immediately, everybody in class starts calculating what their possible grade might be in anticipation for his email the next day! Lucky me, I received an email that said I have a 103% in the class and didn't have to show up for the final! Woohoo!

Last night at class, our professor handed back some old homeworks we'd turned in and at the bottom it had a circled grade. He says, "The grade at the bottom is your grade in the class. If you are happy with that grade, then leave and don't come back!" Lucky me again, I had an A and I'm pretty sure I was the first person out the door (along with 20 others). Woohoo Again!! December 17th just turned into December 10th!

So, this just goes to show you that working hard during the semester pays off at the end of semester. One more semester to go and I'll have my Masters! But, as most of you already know, I'll probably be taking another random class sometime soon!


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