Sunday, December 13, 2009

...the Greatest Sport Ever!

Who here doesn't like football? When I say football, I'm talking about American football, not soccer (which I still enjoy). I'm talking about the hard-hitting, fast-paced, in your face game of football. I LOVE football! This is probably my favorite sport ever! I'd watch it everyday of the week if I could. It doesn't matter if it's Pro, College, Arena, or Canadian, I will watch. It really doesn't matter if it's my favorite team either. I'm somehow invested in the game through the amazing plays, the hard hits, the leaping catches, the spiral throws, the zig-zag running, the miraculous interceptions, and even the high flying kicks. I enjoy the uniforms, the records, the wins, and sometimes even the losses. I've been known to act like I know more about football than I actually do. I also surprise myself by how much I DO know about football...and not just my favorite team.

Growing up as a Denver Broncos fan, I've learned to take the bad, the worse, and some good! They aren't the worst team (this year), but they definitely aren't the best. They've had some tough losses and some stupid ones too. They've had some tough wins and some stupid ones too!! But that's not the point here. The point is, even if they lost every game of the season, I would still be a fan and I would still love football!

My girlfriend, Candy, loves football too, which helps our relationship work! The best part about her, is that her favorite team will always be her favorite team (the Chiefs). They've had a rough past few years with a ridiculous coaching choice, and now with offensive and defensive troubles, but they also aren't the worst team this season. Now although Candy tried to switch favorite teams, I know that deep down inside, she's still rooting for the Chiefs to win, especially when they play the Broncos!

So, my main point in all this is that no matter who you root for, football brings us all together! It's very rare that I come across someone who doesn't like this game even just a bit. I've even got my best friend watching the game when I'm not even around! The most amazing things can happen on that field, and I wanna be watching when it happens!


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