Saturday, December 12, 2009

...the Birthing process!

So, first of all, WOW!

Second of all, I have a nephew now who was born bright and early this morning (12/12) at 3:34am (although anyone you ask will say 3:33), he was 4lbs 4oz, and he was 17in. His name is Connor Jet Overton and he's the most beautiful boy in the world. Of course I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure he's better than anybody else's nephew anywhere, ever! He's also one lucky boy: He's got great parents, an awesome big sister, the best crew of Aunt's and Uncle's, smothering grandparents, adoring great-grandparents, and the biggest extended family that any boy could ask for! Plus, if he's half as smart as his sister, he'll also be the smartest boy in the world...and I'm biased again, but really, my niece is probably smarter than me and she's only 4 (well, she's definitely got a better memory than me)! Anywho, he's lucky, cute, and gonna be brilliant!

Thirdly, this 'birthing' stuff is some serious business. You've heard the whole popping a watermelon out of something the size of a's true! And it doesn't feel good either. Just standing there watching hurt, so I'm sure my sister-in-law had a more, umm...COLORFUL experience! Lucky for her it only lasted 4 and a half hours with the most amazing (and painful) part lasting about 3 to 7's debatable, since everything went so fast! But man was it a miracle! It was like nothing I've ever seen minute she's looking and smiling at me, the next minute she was giving my brother the death stare like "Don't you tell me to breathe, why don'y YOU try squeezing this big baby through YOUR pea-sized hole!", and the very next minute she was all ga-ga eyed over her new little boy! Well, we were all ga-ga eyed because we had just witnessed the miracle of the birthing process! It was truly amazing!


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