Thursday, December 10, 2009

...My New Blog!

Well, here it is! My very own blog site! My brother has a blog site, and I read everything on it and thought, "Why don't I do that?" So here it is!

Let me first start by thanking all my readers for reading and I encourage you (if there are any of you) to leave your own response! This is basically for me to get out what's in my head and maybe in the process bring interesting topics to light! Please understand that I am no expert in anything I'll probably talk about, but I'll definitely be giving my expert opinion! So here goes...

Two interesting topics to discuss today:
1. Tony Lynn and Miles on 107.9 this morning asked the question, "What is something outrageous your boss has asked you to do?" Tony Lynn asked this question because some lady emailed in a bomb threat to Miami International Airport because her boss was late for his flight! Who does this? When do you think to yourself that this is a good idea? Would you rather lose your job for committing a federal crime or lose your job because your boss has to wait an extra day to get to Honduras? Seriously, lady!

2. Time magazine has come out with their "Top 10 Pariah's" list for 2009. Well, lo and behold, Elizabeth Lambert from UNM's soccer team placed #10! She's up there with the likes of Rod Blagojevich (Chicago's governor) and Bernie Madoff (ponzi-scheming douche bag), plus Jon Gosselin from Jon and Kate: plus eight. First of all, Jon is still my favorite and Kate should've been on this list years ago! Second, there are a lot worse things that happen on the soccer field than getting your hair pulled. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that's how you handle yourself on the soccer field and I'm not trying to defend her actions. All I'm saying is, this poor girl was extremely competitive, made some poor choices on the field, has been suspended from the team, become a YouTube sensation for her horrible acts, but has apologized for her actions. Maybe top 25 material, but #10? Really?


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