Wednesday, December 16, 2009

...being Stuck in Traffic!

I hate traffic! If I have no place to go or I don't need to get there in any hurry, then I don't mind it so much because I get to sit there all by myself and think of random stuff...or nothing! If I have somewhere to be, then traffic sucks. Yesterday I left work 10 minutes early so I could pick up a pizza I ordered and my GF and I could have dinner together. Well, the minute I entered the highway, literally the second I was merging onto the interstate, my girlfriend called and said, "Don't get on the highway, the radio said it's really backed up." Son of a... So, I detour my trip and take the long, really long, really really long way home. After some right turns and some left turns and some U-turns, I finally get home an hour and 15 minutes after I left work. My GF had to pick the pizza up so it was cold when I got there. So, there was traffic EVERYWHERE!

But did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, that route that you normally take (the one that was all backed up) might actually be faster going slow, then you making the detour all over town? If I would have stayed on the highway and gone the regular way, would I have gotten home earlier than I did, at the same time, or later? Obviously I'll never know that answer, but it seems that it would have been faster. I would have still been eating cold pizza, so I guess in the long run it really doesn't matter.

It's like getting in the fast lane and it slows down more than the lane you were just in. Or switching lanes at the bank and then the line you were just in empties out. Frustrating! That's why people have heart attacks and get so angry after sitting in traffic, because they get so frustrated. I think it's peaceful (of course if you have no time restraints). Anyway, next time you're sitting in traffic, think of the poor individual who's never gonna sit in traffic again, because they just got into a terrible accident for rubber-necking a street sweeper on the other side of the median, and you may enjoy it just a bit more!


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