Saturday, December 26, 2009

...deciding what's for dinner!

Do you ever find yourself wondering what you're gonna have for dinner? It's a lot harder when 2 of you are deciding together, and just gets more complicated when there are more than 2 people deciding. When you are by yourself, you can eat whatever you feel like eating whenever you feel like eating it. You can even eat 2 or 3 things that don't go together, you can have leftovers, make a full meal, or go out to eat (which a lot of people don't do by themselves). When there are 2 of you, then you both want to make the other one happy and you let them decide, all the while knowing that anything will do, you're just happy YOU don't have to make the decision any more. When there are more than 2 people then everyone has taste for something and it rarely matches up. One person wants Italian, the other Mexican, and the other always wants a good burger or steak.

We have (well, used to have) a default restaurant that always got chosen when nobody could make a decision. That's right...Coaches! It's such a great place, especially because at one time you could get Italian, Mexican, burgers, and steak...everyone was satisfied. Now that we've moved, it's a lot harder to keep Coaches as our default because we live so far away. Well, we don't live that far away, just a bit inconvenient than before (which was about 5 minutes away). Now we are gonna have to find a new default restaurant that can accomodate all the tastes of our group.

So, next time you're trying to decide what to eat or where to go, think of that one place that will make everyone happy and go there! You'll appreciate it after you've had the half nachos with queso, the medium and asian zing buffalo wings, or the fettucini alfredo!


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