Saturday, December 19, 2009

...the Beginning!

So, we've done it! We've finally started our new life as homeowner's! We are officially staying in our new house for the first time tonight. And it's gonna be an interesting night! We're already finding new ways to set up our bedside lamps without bringing the night stands upstairs! So, my brother is a life saver too...he used every last ounce of musle he had remaining from what I heard was a long night at work and he helped us move large heavy things into a large heavy truck and then unload it all into a large and empty (now full) house! Thank you Buff!

The dogs are still trying to get the hang of the dog door. It's double paned now, so they are a bit confused. The cats are a different story. Riley already tried escaping. She got to the first house on the next block before I could grab her and put her in the car to bring her back home. Now they're sleeping in the other room and hopefully will survive the night and the move. I'm pretty sure nobody's gonna be able to move tomorrow, and you're lucky I'm even posting today...which I'm doing from my cell phone, so I hope it works. Sorry this one is so short tonight, I promise you another short one tomorrow, but I'll make up for them on Monday for sure, so be excited. Next time you start something new, like a project, remember to thank the people that helped you along the way!


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