Friday, December 18, 2009

...Getting Things Done!

I am married to the ultimate "getting things done" person! Well, not married, but you understand! She always gets things done. Which is lucky for me, because I forget that I even need to get things done, then when she reminds me (because I'd never remember on my own), I still dilly-dally until maybe one day I've actually 'done' it! But not way...she gets things done. I'll tell her, "Don't do the dishes, cause I'm gonna do them when I get home from work." But when I get home, the dishes are done, the laundry is washed and folded, the front room is picked up, the backyard is swept and cleaned, and she's already read 3 books! You think I'm exaggerating, but it's true (ok, maybe only 2 books!)! I don't know where she gets the motivation, but sometimes she's unstoppable. Which, as I said before is lucky for me, because she's making my life so much easier.

But let me stop for one second to let you know how grateful I am. She probably doesn't hear it from me enough, because all I normally say is "What's for dinner?", which surprisingly she's also done while doing everything else. I feel bad that I never 'do' things or even remember to 'do' things because she probably mentally lists everything that I don't do. If we read her blog today, I bet it's titled "Things That Never Get Done" and she's ranting and raving about me sitting on my butt all day every day watching football and GLEE and whatever else it is that I love to watch, while she's finishing off waxing the floors! She truly is amazing and I appreciate everything she does for me and I love her so very much.

So, everyone take a moment to think about your loved ones and all the things they get done for you, and remember to tell them THANKS (while you're moving out of the vacuum's way)!


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