Thursday, December 17, 2009


If you haven't seen it yet, you need to jump on the bandwagon! GLEE is turning out to be THE GREATEST SHOW EVER! It's a cute musical-esq one-hour tv show that comes on Fox Wednesday nights. Last night it was not on because it is over until next year, which just gives me time to watch all the episodes I've recorded over and over again! I sometimes wish it were more like a soap opera so I could watch it everyday, because waiting a week in between each episode is really hard.

First off, the cast is amazing. Amazingly talented, amazingly beautiful, amazingly funny, and from what I've heard amazingly friendly! They are also up for numerous Golden Globe awards, which I'm hoping will flow into a bigger night of awards (not gonna say it and jinx it)! The songs they choose for each episode are great choices and beautifully performed. You can tell they have so much fun on that show. You absolutely fall in love with every character and start rooting for the underdogs. Even the people you love to hate (Sue Sylvester), you find that you also hate to love them! This show has even caused my full-grown male boss to dance around his house singing along with the GLEE cast CD! The show is able to deal with a wide range of issues, all the while singing an oldie but goodie!

GLEE is really turning these actors into household names, people I wanna be friends with, firends I wanna sing along with, and role models to look up to. It captures my attention for at least an hour every Wednesday, but also every other day that I wish it were on. I've attached a link below to watch my favorite song on GLEE! Once I saw this I was hook, line, and sinker...or sunken! So, be sure to look for GLEE next year and cheer on your favorite stars during the upcoming Golden Globes! Good luck GLEE cast! You rock!


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