Wednesday, December 30, 2009

...bad drivers!

I'm a very very cautious driver. My eyes are always scanning the mirrors and windows to make sure nobody does anything stupid! But there sure are a lot of stupid people out there. My girlfriend is a really good driver, it's just hard for me not to be behind the wheel, so I become a really annoying backseat driver. I don't want to actually do the driving and prefer it if she drives, but I still have that helpless feeling when I ride. I catch myself holding the 'oh shit' handle and using my feet on the imaginary peddles on the floor! I just think the driver must be so lucky to have an extra set of eyes (mine) while they are navigating our wild roads! Maybe I need to get a personal driver and sit in the back with dark enough windows so I can't see what's happening. It's the town too. People here don't know how to drive when roads are wet, when roads are dry, when roads are merging, when roads are's terrible!

So, next time you're on a ride-a-long with a friend try to just enjoy the ride!


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