Monday, October 10, 2011

And The Winner Is...

Not me!  Well, maybe I am the winner, just in a contest I don't know about!  Isn't that nice...somebody should clue me in already!

So, the weekend went as planned, but not really!  To spare you all the details, my team got 9th place and the GF's team got 9th place!  Yay!  Although, you tell me which is better:

9th place out of 14 teams and winning 1 game and losing 2, or
9th place out of 62 teams and winning 5 games and losing 2?

That's right, I'm also going with the latter of the two.  The GF's team.  It just goes to show that playing with heart goes farther than playing with hate!  Again, sparing you the details, my team didn't fare so well, but the GF's team couldn't seem to lose!  I'm proud of her, she did very well!

Other than all that, we had a great weekend.  Saw one of our best friends who works way too hard and doesn't get paid enough!  She always makes us feel good though with her hugs!  The GF loves her black girlfriend, so that made me happy, not that I had any doubt, but she really made sure everyone else knew too!

We slept about 10 total hours from Friday morning til last night, ate in random intervals, drank in random intervals, and really messed with the dogs daily habits!

Now it's back to the daily grind!  New top ten list tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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