Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I misinformed you my dad would be 62!  Have a good birthday daddy!  We all love you and miss you so much!  Just so you know, your grandkids are amazing...wild, but amazing!  And extremely smart!  Buff has done well with them.  Drea is the greatest mother and the bestest seester!  You'd be proud of their family...I know I am!

And you'd love Candy...she brightens each and every one of my days!  We have the cutest pups too and although I wore them out on a run this morning, they'd still jump up to say hi to you if you walked in the door!  You'd be proud of us too!

I'll love you forever and ever.  Keep an eye on all of's good to know you have our backs!

Coors Light and Crown forever!

~Your baby!

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