Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top 10: TV Shows I Love

Well, I made an incomplete list of about 24 shows that I absolutely love to watch.  And from that list I narrowed it down to my favorite 10 at the moment.  Only 1 new fall show and 2 reality shows made the top ten.  The rest are some veteran programs that I just can't stop watching.  Please note that my original list had 24 shows, so if you didn't make the top ten, you're really close!

10 - Unforgettable - This is a new fall show!  I like the concept of someone who remembers everything and is able to revisit that particular point in history to see everything over again.  It's number 10 because I've only seen two episodes so far, but it's my favorite new show so far.  Honorable mention for new fall shows goes to Revenge and Free Agents though!

9 - The Amazing Race - A must see!  Every season draws me and the GF in from the moment Phil says "GO!"  I'm pretty sure it's because we want to be on the show so bad and picture ourselves running the race right along side the contestants.  But it's consistently a great show every episode.

8 - The Biggest Loser - How can you not love Alison and Bob in your living room every week?  This is one of the most inspirational shows on tv and I look forward to seeing the amazing transformations every season.  It's also a tad motivational although we find ourselves always watching it while we're eating dinner (which is usually not very healthy).  Honorable mention for reality shows is Jersey Shore...a guilty pleasure!

7 - Rizzoli & Isles - Not only is Tess Gerritsen one of my favorite authors, but TNT has really brought her books to life.  I am a bit biased because I love Angie Harmon, but these two characters are fun-loving and the shows are intense.  I can understand how some people might not like it because it's another one of your female detectives trying to not be seen as a woman, but someone who can also kick some ass!  Try it, you'll like it!  Another one you should try is Blue Bloods...it was tough not picking it for the top ten, but it deserves a shout out!

6 - Mike & Molly - Two of the most lovable characters on tv today!  Melissa McCarthy is amazing in her own right, but this show would be in the dumps if it weren't for her brilliance!  She's beautiful and funny and I just can't get enough of her!

5 - The Office - I've always loved this show and it would've been my number one if Steve Carell was still on the show.  It slipped a few numbers because it's gonna be tough to repeat the humor that was Michael Scott!  Hopefully it won't drop any lower, but I'm still a fan of the show so it had to make the top ten.  All I can hope for is that Jim, Pam, and Andy will keep me tuning in!

4 - Castle - Nathan Fillion is a hero...enough said!  This show is brilliant!  Although there are lots of cop dramas (and again with female detective hard-asses), throwing a 'writer' into the mix is something we haven't seen before.  They come up with great show ideas and are able to find great one-liners for Castle in every episode.  This show never disappoints, although if Castle and Beckett don't hook up soon, they may lose lots of viewers.  They love each other, just make it happen already!

3 - Parks & Recreation - Amy Poehler has got to be one of the greatest comedians alive!  This show wasn't supposed to make it, but something happened last season that made the show a lot funnier and worth watching.  They must have pulled out all the stops because it has worked it's way up to the top 3 of my list.  Each character is funny in their own way, and each episode highlights that funniness (good word)!

2 - Glee - This is always gonna be a favorite!  I can't even explain why I'm so addicted to this show, but I'm pretty sure they had me at "Don't Stop Believin".  The characters are great, the context is emotional and educational and informational, and the music makes me wanna sing and dance.  I like how there's always a message and they've never deterred away from their fan base!  We'll have to revisit this list when the seniors graduate and there's a new cast.

AND the number 1 show is - Modern Family - The best show ever!  This is brilliance at it's shiniest and best and peak.  The writers for this show probably have the deepest laugh lines because there's not a show that goes by that I'm not in hysterics.  The characters are like your friends because it's stuff that literally happens to your friends.  You've seen it, you've done it, or you know someone who's been through it, so it's so easy to relate to the characters.  I can't imagine this show ever going away!

I apologize if I left your favorite show out of the loop, but this is my list for now.



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