Thursday, October 27, 2011

Running Circles in the Sand

So, yesterday afternoon at the gym I did speedwork and I totally pushed myself.  I actually almost threw up on the treadmill.  But only a few dry heaves that probably scared the guy down the way on his mill to look the other way.  Then last night I had sand volleyball with my softball friends.  It's the offseason for softball, so we started a volleyball team and let me tell you, what a friggin workout!  I'm not the greatest volleyball player in the world and my team saw it first hand last night.  I do all these weird jumps and spins and rarely get the ball over the net, but I can run circles in the sand like nobody's business!  Our captain promised that we'd look like this if we played on this team:
After last night, I'm pretty sure I'm halfway there!  Like I said before, "What a friggin workout!"

Today I ran a 5K and it wasn't horrible.  By the 2 and a half mark I was thinking to myself that I'm sure I'd already run 4 and a half, but nope, unfortunately not.  I finished strong and reminded myself that my 10K this weekend was just another long run...I'm not gonna stress about my time for that race, just fall into a pace and hopefully it'll be warm enough that I won't be too miserable!  Maybe I'll even wear my headphones.  The GF is probably shaking her head right now though, cause she knows they won't stay in because I sweat too much!  Well, we'll see!  I could wear a costume too and try to win a prize for best adult costume...unfortunately I cut my Pauly D hair!  That was a winner, for sure!

Well, it's been crazy busy at work lately, so I better get back to it.

Life's just a big sandbox!


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