Friday, October 7, 2011

Holy Toledo Batman!

What the?  It's freezing today.  This weather drop is outrageous.  It's almost time to pull out the big guns...and by big guns I mean warmer blankets!  Well, we're off to the LC today for the big softball tourney!  I bought some new socks just for the occasion!  Can't wait!  But really, this trip is about not being at home, spending time with friends we rarely see, and just having a great time.  And maybe it's a little about not going 1-2-barbecue.  Other than that I'm gonna try to put my head cold on the back burner and have some good times.  Make some memories for the mental scrapbook!

So, I've been reading a lot of other blogs lately and there have been a bunch about people running, a lot of whom did a C25K and now are running Marathons.  I've been trying to use those as motivation for me to really get into my training.  I've printed off my previous half marathon times in hopes that staring at the Vegas time from last year will propel me out of my chair and condition myself into beating my last time.  It's tough when you're sick, and when you're travelling, but it's interesting to read these other people's story's.

Today is a half day...the office is quiet...except for the little 3 year old running around upstairs.  I get to leave in less than 2 hours!!  I'm beginning to wonder if I'm gonna do any actual work here today!  Doesn't look like it!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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