Monday, October 17, 2011

Duke City Marathon

It's that time of year again...the Duke City Marathon.  Every October, the entire city comes together for this huge event.  They have a race for everyone.  Fun runs for kids, short distances for out of shape people like me, and longer distances for the person I'm trying to become.  It's gonna be cold, but everyone still shows up energized and ready to have some fun.  Last year a group of us ran the marathon relay...our team name was Running on Empty!  We did great!  This year, I'm gonna do the 5K.  My training program has me running the 10K, but since I haven't been training well, I didn't wanna kill myself, so the 5K it is!

One of our local radio station guys is running the full marathon.  His inspiration for doing this comes from a 400 pound man who did a marathon in 9 hours plus.  He's just hoping with all of his non-training, he'll finish before that 400 pound guy.  He literaly has done no training whatsoever and actually brags about it, but swears he's going to finish!  I could walk 26.2 miles any day of the week, but if I were going to do a marathon just to do it, I'd make sure I was proud of myself after finishing, and walking the whole thing doesn't seem like something I'd be proud about.  Don't get me wrong, it's great that he's doing a marathon...I'll probably never do one, but walking the whole thing doesn't seem like a good time.

Well, I got some encouraging words this morning about running, so I'm hoping it'll help me in my preparation for Vegas.  Actually they weren't really encouraging so much as a "just do it" sort of thing, but I think that's what I needed.  To stop thinking about having to be motivated and just doing it.  We'll see how many miles that gets me!

Time to eat!


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