Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Top Ten: Sports Teams

Alright!  My top ten list today is my favorite sports teams.  Now, please understand that these are MY favorites...feel free to disagree because I'm sure you all have YOUR favorites.  By no means am I trying to get you to switch over to my teams, or even understand why I like these particular teams.  You might notice that there are no NBA teams...it's because I hate Pro Basketball.  There are no NHL teams...because I just don't keep up with it.  There's no College Basketball teams, because I only watch them during March Madness.  So, here we go!

#10 - Detroit Lions - How could you not be a Lions fan right now?  5-0 start after being the worst team in football for the past few years.  I'm no bandwagon fan because I'm not out buying their t-shirts or hats, but I'm glad they're doing well, and they're really fun to watch.  Also, I just hope one day the Broncos can become good again!  Honorable mention to the Cowboys because I might be the only person who actually likes Tony Romo!

#9 - Clemson Tigers - This team is so inspiring right now.  The fans are crazy, the games are crazy, and they have beaten really good teams!  They play so hard every time I watch them and I am a sucker for orange uniforms.  Again, I'm not gonna go out and buy CU paraphernalia, but I am gonna give them a "Go Tigers" every time I see them play this year!

#8 - Arizona Diamondbacks - Well, this one is tough for me...because I'm a Dodger fan and they are in the same division, but Arizona is so close and the uniform looks really good on me.  They are a fun team to watch because all the guys are young and energized and they actually appreciate their coach, Kirk Gibson.  They had a good run this year.  Did I mention the uniform looks REALLY good on me?

#7 - Milwaukee Brewers - First off, beer anyone?  Second, I've been a Brewers fan for quite a few years...why, you ask?  Because back then nobody was a Brewers fan!  At the beginning of every season I text a close friend and tell her "Go Brewers" and she never understood what I was getting at...but this year they've been amazing.  Although they didn't play very well last night, they still have a huge chance to make it to the World Series.  This team hasn't played like this in so long, so I'm rooting for them...and now everyone is a Brewers fan!

#6 - Los Angeles Dodgers - I'm from Albuquerque, so basically I watch the guys on this team grow up.  Sounds silly, but during September, about 10 players we watched all season in Triple-A ball were playing regularly for the Dodgers.  It's just so fun to watch these guys that you've sort of gotten to know play on this Major League team.  They had a really good August and September and could've pulled it off.  One good thing is they had a huge hand in eliminating the Giants from playoff contention.  They're gonna be good next year.  Might even move up if my "other" team can't get their act together.

#5 - University of New Mexico Lobos - Well, although I enjoy watching both the women's and men's basketball teams, I'm talking about the football team here.  I'm biased because I'm a Lobo.  They are the worst team in college football now for the 3rd straight year, but I constantly root for them.  Everyone has struggled like this at some time and there's nowhere to go but up!  I'll continually root for these guys, albeit they'll probably still suck for a while. "Everyone's a Lobo...woof, woof, woof"

#4 - Boston Red Sox - Let's just say I've been a fan even before the 2004 World Series.  They had an epic breakdown this year, which is why they are number 4 right now, but they're my team.  They've really showed us some good times in the past!  And, this is another uniform that I look amazing in!  I'm gonna miss Terry Francona, and I'm really disappointed in the guys for being jerks in the clubhouse, so maybe they can get their shiz together for next season.

#3 - Michigan Wolverines - 6-0!  Did you see that?  6-0!  That's right!  I can celebrate this until Saturday, so I'm screaming it from the rooftops.  They've really been a great team, but the biggest teams are yet to come.  They've got Michigan State this weekend and they might win, but then again, they might lose.  This team never gives you that overly satisfying feeling that it's okay to pick them in your weekly picks.  Everything is always up in the air.  Hopefully they'll show up to the game in the first quarter this weekend instead of the last half!  "Go Blue"

#2 - New Mexico State Aggies Softball - Again, I'm probably biased, but they gave me reason to believe last year!  In their greatest year ever as a softball program, they got me at "See Ya...another homerun".  This group of girls, well somewhat including the seniors from last year, were amazing last year and so far are showing off their talents this year!  My best friend is their coach (Head Coach, but listed as Assistant Coach on all publications), so that's where my bias comes in, but they are just so exciting to watch (or listen to).  I just get so excited for my buddy when her team does well.  I also have a few favorites who are returning this year and it looks like I might find a few new favorites as well.

And my number 1 favorite sports team is the Denver Broncos - Surprise!  Surprise!  Of course they are my number 1!  Even through times of hardship, like the last few years, I'm still a fan.  I was born and raised a Broncos fan and I'll live and die a Broncos fan.  These are my boys, even if they can't seem to win a game.  They're also my boys when they lose to the Chiefs twice a year, which might be in the stars this season.  But who cares, because I'll always pick them to win and I'll always try to catch the game. 

So, there you have it.  Now you know what's wrong with me.


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