Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Top Ten: Actresses

Here we go!  I'm not positive that these go in order of my favorite to my top ten, but I am pretty positive that there's others not on this list that I still enjoy watching.  So here are the top ten I could think of today:

10 - Helen Mirren - She's distinguished, she's gorgeous, she's serious, she's funny, she's got it all.  This woman is amazingly talented and stars in some amazing films.  I've read articles about her where people just praise her for her brilliance and they all say the'd love to be in a film with her.  I think we all would.

9 - Betty White - If you looked in the dictionary under Lifetime Movie Star, you'd find her picture!  She made the most ultimate comeback.  We all thought we'd be satisfied with her antics on The Golden Girls, but when she started showing up in comedies a handful of years ago, we all thought "this lady is amazing".  And she's pretty effing funny too!

8 - Julia Roberts - I mean, what's not to love about this lady?  She was a Pretty Woman back then and she's a pretty woman now!  She's still making movies that people love.  She's one of those actresses that is so well respected that we'll go see the movie she's in just because she's in it.  It could be titled The Worst Possible Movie Ever, Do Not See This Show, and we'll still go see it.  She also lives in Taos, NM.

7 - Sandra Bullock - My, oh my, this poor lady has gone through so much over the past couple of years, but she's come out on top.  Everyone still loves her and we always will.  She's an amazing actress.  She can be funny and follied!  She can be serious and sentimental.  She can be beautiful and hideous.  She plays all the roles that we love and she's so lovable while she does it.  I bet she'd be fun to get coffee with.

6 - Emma Stone - She's had a slew of movies lately and is just heating up the charts.  She's still young enough to keep putting out more and more films, but she's also old enough to land some huge roles.  She's also funny in a serious way.  Her red hair is spectacular on the big screen and you fall in love with every character she's ever played.

5 - Jane Lynch - She adds so much personality to every single character I've ever seen her play.  Nobody else in the world can be Sue Sylvester because it would be weird.  She plays all these small roles in movies that have such a big impact because she really develops her character in just the time span we see her.  You can tell she loves what she does.  She's flippin hilarious.  I'd love to meet her and run through lines with her!

4 - Melissa McCarthy - I've already said nice things about her in another blog, but I had to put her on here because she is friggin hilarious!  She's bringing a whole new image to tv and movies.  She's not afraid to go all out.  in her most recent appearance on SNL, she pulled out all the stops.  We were laughing non stop.  She'd be the coolest BFF ever!

3 - Amy Poehler - Perhaps one of my all time faves.  I know this sounds wrong, but she makes me laugh just looking at her.  Obviously, I don't mean her looks are funny, but knowing that she's a funny lady, just makes me wanna laugh.  Everything I've ever seen her in has made me LOL all the way home.  She's a brilliant writer as evidenced from Parks & Recreation and SNL, but she seems like the type of person who remains in character until her head hits the pillow.  Now that's dedication.

2 - Jennifer Aniston - Yep!  I'm one of those lovers of Jen Ann!  (I also love Angie, so whatever)  Jen is beautiful, funny, witty, snooty, serious, and amazing!  You will always find her in a comedy because that's what we all know and love about her, but there's something about her that makes me wanna just walk up to her and give her a hug.  She'll always be my favorite Friend.

And my favorite actress these days is 1 - Kristen Wiig - Um, hello...funniest woman alive!  If I could have 5 minutes with her I'm pretty sure she'll come up with a character about me for Saturday Night Live!  I can't wait for sketches to come on with her in them.  She could be completely silent and sleeping in the back corner of a sketch and I would still be laughing my head off!  Not to mention she gorgeous as well.  Everything she does is so natural, yet it's meant to draw a laugh out of you.  It'd be really hard to watch her in a serious movie cause I'm pretty sure I'd laugh all the way through.  So, I raise my beer to you Kristen Wiig, because you are my favorite!!



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