Thursday, October 6, 2011

Run, Don't Walk, to the Nearest Exit

Today was definitely not a stellar outing at the gym.  Of course doing something is better than nothing, but I'm not positive today fully counted.  On the other hand, I am sick again, and I didn't want to push it.  As I started my run, I was about five steps into it and it felt like someone was dropping a brick on my head every time my foot hit the belt!  So I walked for about 20 minutes instead.  A few times I would hold on to the bar in front of me and close my eyes...almost fell asleep.  Then I rode the bike for about 2 miles (9minutes) and figured I'd hit the showers before everyone got out of their aerobics class.  My body is mad at me!

Big softball tourney this many many people to much fun to be had!  I'm thinking I won't drink too much...I haven't been feeling well after I drink lately and I'm pretty sure I'm developing acid reflux because I don't feel that my food or beverage every fully go down my throat.  I'm getting old!  But I'm sure I'll have my fair share of beer!  Can't quit completely...where's the fun in that?

If I wrote things down, I'd have the best memory!

~Chix (I would rather be ~Sleeping)

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