Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fast Cory Shout Out

Last night the GF was hoping and praying that there was gonna be a snow day today!  Although it snowed a little, we didn't get out of school today.  My students were also VERY disappointed that they had to sit in class today!  Oh least we had fun today!
Outside my office this morning at 6:53am.  It was melted by the time I got back at 10:07am.
Fast Cory, who I've mentioned before, runs in the most beautiful scenery day in and day out.  He's tirelessly working to keep Hostess in business.  He's training for another 100-miler.  He plays the piano and takes the greatest pictures ever while he's out on his run.  He's probably the coolest guy I've never met!  He wants to give me GU!  That's right, me!  Actually, he's having a giveaway that includes GU, so I'm just pretending I'm the only one in competition!  I have yet to win a giveaway, so I'm picking this one!  And if I don't win, he's still a cool guy that takes really cool pictures, and I have GU in my bedside!

Went running after work today.  Had a speed workout.  I felt really fast too!  It's nice to know that feeling fast is running near a 9 minute mile!  One day I'll PR my half!  And that'll still be slower than a 9 minute mile pace!  Don't you just love running non-stop for over 2 hours?  Anywho, I gotta pump out some miles in the days to come.  And I'm really excited about my run this weekend.  Gonna go back to the dirt river trails!!

Have you won a giveaway?

What's your fast pace?


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