Thursday, February 2, 2012

Unwanted Visitor

Mr. Head Cold has arrived and it sounds like he wants to hang around for a while!  I told him I wouldn't have too much time for him except for at night because I work all day, workout on my lunch breaks and spend the evenings with my GF.  Hopefully he'll give me my space, but I have a feeling he's gonna get a little clingy real soon.  Maybe he'll hang back on Sunday during my race and let me run it by myself!  The main problem is that if I want him to go away for good, I might need to give him a little one-on-one time.

He did give me some space at the gym this afternoon.  I was able to get in 3 miles today and I actually felt pretty good.  I really wanted to do at least 1, maybe 2 more miles, but I didn't wanna push it, because of my visitor and my upcoming race.  I mean, it's only a 10K race for this half-marathon stud, but it's still a race!  Speaking of races, one of the bloggers I follow, Skinny Runner, is out of control.  She ran the Phoenix marathon, ran a marathon the following weekend, ran a half-marathon last weekend, and is running a marathon on Sunday...that's 4 weekends in a row of races!  She's crazy!  Plus, she's gonna be running a 50K in a few weeks!  I'm nervous even when I have 6 weeks in between half-marathons.  I guess it gives her less time to "think" and more time to "do", but that's a lot of running!  Go SR!

Appreciation Time!

Today I'd like to appreciate all of my Followers!  Don't let this go to your head, but I love you guys!  When I first started blogging, it was just to hear myself talk.  Shortly after that I used my blog to document my journey as I trained for a half-marathon that I ran for my grandmother.  I loved journaling and getting my thoughts on paper.  It's also pretty fun to go back and read about myself 2 years ago.  But since I've started back up, I've gained a small following who actually comment on the randomness I spew out everyday.  They wish me luck in races.  They say congratulations on my accomplishments.  They ask my opinion in their own blogs (well, maybe not me personally).  They read my blog.  And that's all I could ask for.  I wish I could get companies to donate things so I could have giveaways to reward these people for reading.  I may actually just go out and buy something to giveaway!  But what I really want to say is Thank You!  Thanks for reading my blog and giving honest feedback or the encouragement that I'm always looking for!  I look forward to one day meeting each and every one of you!  Thanks!

I'm off to finish typing up a pile of work...sucky!


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  1. Boo to the head cold! So much going around right now.

    And thank you for writing the blog!