Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Vote: Worst Valentine's Day Ever!

It's Valentine's Day...the day that people all over the world use as an excuse to buy their loved ones gifts and cards and candy and stuffed animals and jewelry and flowers.  Why does it just have to be today.  I follow the rule of get your loved one something any time of the year...now THAT shows true love!  Although, I was sooooo tempted to stop by one of those side-of-the-road-tents where people sell those large cellophane teddy bear baskets.
It could go down as one of the greatest Valentine's Day gifts ever and how would I ever top that, so I stuck to something simple this year.  Can't say what it is though, cause it hasn't been given yet!

Instead on my way to work, I got stopped by this guy:

In case you can't see, it says Hydrochloric Acid!
What in the world are they gonna use this for?  I just had visions of a car coming the other direction and not stopping in time and careening into this train.  What then?  Worst Valentine's Day ever is my vote!

Today is my Seester's appreciation day.  I know it's Valentine's Day, but that's not why I'm appreciating her...it's because I love her and she is truly one of the greatest individuals I've ever known!  I thank my bro for bringing her into my life.  Not only has she tamed the wild beast (my bro), she has had two of the cutest, greatest, smartest kids ever!  She's mom-of-the-year, parent-of-the-year, wife-of-the-year, daughter-of-the-year, volunteer-of-the-year, and seester-of-the-year.  She's the one who does it all and still has time to see me every once and again.  Do you remember that awesome dinner she cooked us a couple weeks ago?  She's just an all around tremendous human being!  And I wouldn't trade her for the world!  Love you seester!

So, I got in my run early this morning, before work, which is rare!  Although I was dry heaving as I started, by the end I felt good, and slightly regretted not running another mile.  I am tempted to run again over the lunch hour, but I've got big plans to finish my GF Birthday shopping!  It's her birthday week, so things are just starting to heat up!  I was gonna buy her the new Breaking Dawn DVD this weekend, but she bought it for herself before I had a chance!  She was so excited and watched it Saturday afternoon...for those who aren't in the know...it came out Saturday morning!  She wastes no time!

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?



  1. I like how you are marking V-day. I am neutral to it all, but do enjoy treating the kids a bit with a little candy.

  2. I love Valentine's Day because it is an excuse for me to decorate the house, buy candy and gifts for my girls, have a fun family dinner, and just be all around lovey and goofy! But, I do agree that we should show love to those in our lives every day and I try, this just gets to be an extra lovey day!