Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Breakdown

How Will I Know
What a weekend!  And I still haven't even watched the Oscars yet (red carpet starting now)!  I love the Oscars because not only is it a chance to see all my favorite actors in one place, but since I never actually see all the movies they're nominated for, I'm excited by the winners because I never know what's gonna happen (or how horrible their performances were).  Let me begin with Friday night.  We went to see "Damn Yankees"!  What a great show!  Especially because you could tell that everyone in the audience hated the Yankees too!  The songs were great, the dancing was great, the story was great, overall it was a great show...and my boss had tickets right in front of us!

Run to You
Saturday, the GF had a meeting to go to and I decided I'd run to her.  Literally.  I left the house and had a great 5 mile run through our side of town until I found her.  AND she has officially lost 5% of her weight in just 4 weeks.  So Proud.  We showered up and went on a 4 hour shopping-fest.  Nothing special, just groceries and project supplies.  We've got a big project due in 2 weeks that we're kind of excited to start working on, although it's been such a great weekend that we're kind of tired now.  Last night we started catching up on all of our recorded shows and although we watched about 6 hours worth of shows, we're still so far behind!

All weekend my BFT was in Palm Springs coaching her softball team to victory...well, almost victory!  Her team played amazing ball this weekend, and played against some amazing teams which provides some great experience to the girls on her team.  Although they only came away with one win, there were lots of high points in their overall performance.  Even though I didn't get to watch all the action (couldn't find links to live stats all weekend), I'm sure the entire team is taking a deep breath now that it's all over.  Unfortunately there's not enough time to rest because they're at it again next weekend in Las Vegas (I think).

I'm Every Woman
SUAR posted the other day, that we need to keep positive images in our mind while we're running so if things get tough, we can think of them and it'll help get us through.  You better believe I was repeating mantras through my head during my long run today.  I did 8 miles today and I went pretty well, thanks to my positive thoughts of being the best person ever, being the best runner in the world, and knowing my GF was waiting for me 8 miles away!  And I have a small letter I'd like you all to read:
Dear Bike Riders on the Bike Path Today,

As I was out on my long run today, many of you passed me as I was chugging along.  And I'd like to take this moment to say Thank You!  Many of you said Good Morning to me, or gave just a simple Hi or Hello!  You didn't know that I was only 1 mile or 5 miles into an 8 mile run.  You didn't even know if I was some crazed psycho killer who I was and you took two seconds as you sped by in a vehicle faster than my two shoes to acknowledge that I was sharing the path with you.  You helped me complete my run.  You gave me energy when I had 7 more miles to go and you gave me hope when I knew the finish was just around the corner.  So thanks for sharing the road and not scaring me when coming up from behind (That's what she said)!

Your friend, The Best Runner Around!

Greatest Love of All / I Will Always Love You
I bet you saw this one coming...I couldn't be more proud of the GF these days.  I mentioned earlier that she's lost 5% of her weight since starting the Weight Watchers diet, which she says, "Is the most amazing life decision she's ever made, because it doesn't feel restricted like diets do, it feels empowering because it's a life change!"  She thinks everyone who feels like they can lose some weight should give WW a'll change your life.  It's already changed hers!  She also ran 4 miles today...and you know how excited that makes me!  She took the dogs this time and they are so worn out!  And now she's making me dinner.  How could you not love her?  She impresses me every day!

I just wanted to take one more quick second to say RIP Whitney Houston.  If you didn't notice, each heading was one of her songs!  She brought me some serious joy when I was younger romping around the house to I Wanna Dance With Somebody.  I'm not gonna get caught up in the politics of it all, but she will be missed.


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