Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh Canada!

I have this long lost Canadian friend who lived here and worked here for quite a long time...and then she got deported moved back to Canada!  It's been a sad, sad 2 years without her around.  We actually thought she'd never be able to travel again, because she was sort of an outlaw for so long, but she tricked the system and Canada is none the wiser!  Well, today is her birthday, so I'm gonna appreciate her for a moment!

I appreciate that she's an inspiration!  She is a silver medalist in the Commonwealth Games for diving!  She's very determined when it comes to her sport and she pushed all the girls that looked up to her at our local university.  She has gotten auditions all over the world for her first class diving talents and one day we'll be watching her represent Canada at the Olympics!  Or she'll be in some vodka drinking competition at the Olympic lounge!  Either way, she's an inspiration!

I appreciate that she's fun!  I've got some unforgettable stories from hanging out with this chick.  Anytime you wanna be stranded for 4 hours in a moving vehicle and feel like all hope is lost of ever getting home, just hang out with her on her birthday.  Today's date brings back many memories of keeping her from fighting, dancing all night, and the neverending party bus to nowhere!

I appreciate that she's physically fit!  She is seriously a very beautiful lady!  She's probably blushing right now, but she knows how much I love her and her awesome dimples and sweet ass calf muscles!  Watching her workout at the gym was amazing.  She put the guys to shame with the way she bounced around the gym showing off her muscles.  She could swim faster than I can run...not that that's saying a lot cause I'm a snail, but she really worked hard for her hard body!  (Embarrassed yet?)

I appreciate that she has a soft side.  We've been through a lot together and she is one of those friends that you can just call up and lay out all your problems and she'll make them go away.  Or at least be able to talk you out of a tree and calm you down.  And she knows I'll do that for her anyday.  She's the kind of friend that you can call up and it's like you were together just 2 days ago!

I miss you dear Canadian friend.  Won't you come back to me?  Have a very SAFE and Happy Birthday!  I can only imagine what's on the schedule for this birthday!


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