Monday, February 27, 2012

The Wind, The Soda, The Class

Thar she blows!
It's a friggin windy day here in The Land of Enchantment!  It's making what would be an extremely beautiful day, just miserable and cold!  Nobody likes the wind...people like snow, and rain, and sunshine, but I've never heard anybody ever say they like the wind!  We had to move our grill inside because the wind keeps knocking it over...not sure why we care anymore since all the handles are broken off, but I guess more could be ruined now that it doesn't have the handles to catch the fall!  We're gonna get a new grill real soon, so the GF is pretty stoked about that!

Rest day today!  Lunch with BFJ and it was good to see's been a couple weeks...she's been recuperating from a head injury, so I'm glad she's back on her feet.  She said she gave up candy and sweets for Lent and then gave me an envelope marked "candy"...hmmmm...wonder what that's about!  Actually, it's a birthday card for the GF, but if there was candy in it, I'm all over it!  I'm not religious one bit, but I did give up soda for Lent.  I like to give stuff up because it's like a little challenge to myself.  Jim Beam is very upset with this decision, but I told him it's only 40 days!  We'll hang out again real soon and I'll make up for the lost time!
The 'handle' is always a better deal!  Not sure it lasts longer than the non-handle, but a great deal!
I'm trying to drink more water anyway, so I guess giving up soda is a good thing, although our fridge at work is stocked with Coke!  Don't confuse soda with beer though...completely different...I still enjoy beer on the weekends! 

3 more classes until Spring Break!  I'm starting to really understand the students in my class and that some of them just don't give a shit are working really hard to earn their grades!  Typical methods of assessment, like homework, quizzes, tests...we've all been there, but apparently it's brand new to half my class!  Not sure how they made it through high school!  I sound like a broken record and I'm really beating a dead horse, but I will continue to tell them "homework's due tomorrow" and it doesn't get through.  Granted, some students turn it in, but just do it all wrong...literally, the entire assignment is wrong!!  Good times!

Did you give something up for Lent?



  1. That's serious wind! I hate running in the wind. Good luck with your give up--I didn't do anything but probably should have!

  2. I love wind! I don't like running in it, but I enjoy windy days.