Sunday, February 12, 2012

One Part Sherry Arnold, Two Parts Running

First things first, I have a double appreciation moment: I appreciate Beth at Shut Up and Run for organizing what seems like the largest Virtual Run in the history of time.  And I appreciate everyone that participated in the Sherry Arnold Virtual Run.  What feels like a million people all got together this weekend and at some point ran in honor of Sherry Arnold.  Official numbers are not in yet, but I'm suspecting SUAR will report back one million runners!  And I appreciate the fact that all one million of us ran to show the world (and 2 scumbags) that you can't hold us down.  We're gonna continue to run, we're gonna continue to thrive.  It's reported that 500 people showed up for the run/walk in Sidney, Montana.  Kudos've done your cousin justice!

I had 2 running ventures this weekend to report.  Let's start with my race today: The Sweetheart Run 10K.  When I woke up this morning it was snowing.  So, I was a bit worried that it might be a bit cold!

Snow at the race site...
Cold is an understatement, but I bought these awesome new running pants that kept my legs so warm!!

My foot in the snow and a glimpse of my new pants!
So, anywho the race began and we were was freezing.  I had a great first mile though, from there on out though I just slowed down every mile.  I finished with a time of 1:03:15ish, not horrible, so I'll take it!  I ran into a good friend at the race too.  She was running with a friend of hers.  Doing the 10K also.

Does it look like I'm trying to get away?  It's actually cause I'm stinky and I just met the guy!
Anyway, I finished the 10K, but because I'm on 7 miles this week, I ran for another .8 to round out 7 miles.  It was a slow recovery jog, but I got it done!  Overall, a good BUT FREEZING race day!

So, I saved the best for relaxing run on Saturday!  The GF dropped me off at the River Trail and I knew I had 2 hours until she came back to get me, so I wasn't quite sure what I was gonna do.  Since the first mile to the actual trail is all downhill I, of course, ran that!  After the first mile, I walked for half a mile, but it was so cold.  I couldn't pick up the running because I had to pee so bad, so I found a nice nature spot and relieved myself.  I walked for another half mile up to the trail that leads into the actual Bosque.  When I say "river trail" I mean the paved path alongside the Bosque which is next to the river.  I got a wild hair up my rear and decided to get onto the dirt trails right on the river's edge.

I walked for about a mile just looking at the scenery (and peeing again) and realized I'd gone a full 3 miles away from where I needed to be picked up in an hour.  So, I decided to run the dirt trails.  AND IT WAS AMAZING!  I got a complete runners high while running.  For two miles I just cruised along these trails, not worrying about my time, and weaving in and out of trees and branches and rocks and bushes.  I'm already looking forward to running the trails again next weekend.  I read other blogs about trail running and now I understand why they love it so much.  I still would love to one day run with Fast Cory on his "backyard" trails, but that's another day!

I had a great weekend of running!  Hope you had a good weekend too!


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  1. Running trails along the river sounds amazing! Great race too!