Friday, February 10, 2012

Four Things Friday

Online World
Today I appreciate my instructor for my online class!  I'm in a class online to learn how to teach classes online.  It's pretty interesting, but I've noticed it's not gonna be easy being an online teacher.  So, today I told her I appreciated all she was doing for us in this fast-paced online course.  We all must seem like the biggest group of non-tech savvy fools, but she seems to reel us in and control our random discussions!  I appreciate that she understands that we're new to this teaching online business.  I appreciate that she answers our questions within hours of us asking them.  And I appreciate that she's giving us room to error and shine.  I'm still convinced the face-to-face classes are better than full online courses, but people have been making some valid points about the other.  I'm gonna stick with tech enhanced traditional setting classes.

Machine #7
With that heading, I'm sure you already guessed that I got my machine today!  I could've had it yesterday, but when I got upstairs there was only one guy on the mills and he was on #8.  It would have been very awkward if I got on the Mill right next to him when there were more than 12 others to choose from.  So, I took #5 since it's been so good to me lately.  I might switch between those two now!  I got in a good 4 miles today.  My body wanted to do 4 today, so away we went.  I watched The Princess Diaries on tv and pretended like I was in a race with the guy next to me.  He was beating me, so I pretended I was in a race with the pregnant lady on the other side of me.  FYI: I beat her!

A Little Anxiety
I couldn't sleep last night and my minds been all over the place today.  I graded my students' tests last night and it wasn't good!  I'm not gonna go into detail here with you now, but let's just say only a few people are gonna be celebrating on Monday!  Unfortunately, I'm the one worried about the outcome because it sort of reflects my teaching ability.  I'll get over it, but I could use a pick me up.

Pick Me Up
One of my "silent" goals this week was to not drink during the week.  I succeeded!  No beer or wine or liquor since Sunday!  So, to get over my anxiety, tonight I will be throwing a couple back.  In fact, just thinking about it is releasing a lot of tension!  Actually, running at lunch released a bunch of tension already.  I guess I'm past that whole test thing now!!  I'm the best teacher ever!!

Ever have anxiety over something silly?

Ever drink run away your problems?


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  1. I always wonder how teachers feel when their students totally bomb the tests. You are a really conscientious teacher to think the way you are. Maybe this could be a test that gets graded on a curve? In the french school system, a 14 out of 20 is an A. You basically have to know nothing to fail. But sadly, very few people are able to get that 14. Not sure what the thinking is there on the part of the teachers or the system. Good for you and your silent goal!!!! Running is a better stress reducer anyway :) Have a super weekend!