Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Lucky #7

When I go to the gym, I like to run on treadmill #7.  The last few weeks I haven't been so lucky as to get #7, so I just move over one or two either direction and settle for another Mill.  Well, today when I got the gym, #7 was open and ready for my big run.  Unfortunately, it was between 2 smelly old guys.  I walked over really excited and as I stood on it, the smell bitch slapped me across the face.  I pretended that I wanted a good view of one of the high tv's, which is total crap because each mill comes with it's own tv, so I moved to another mill. 

I had a good run on mill #5 today.  Because my ipod lost its charge, I watched and listened to CSI today.  I love CSI because I've seen them all, but I still can't remember how they end!!  Anywho, I set the speed and off I went, not looking at the mileage until it was at 4.55miles, so I finished off at 5miles for the day.  I felt amazing today!  Like I could've just kept running for a long long time...which also seems better than returning to the office!  I was really tired this morning and just wanted to make sure I got at least 3 miles in and whadda you know I go to 5!  I need to find a way to push past that pooped out feeling I got at mile 5 in the race on Sunday.  Hopefully I won't poop out this weekend.  Just gonna get some good miles this week!  I'm also on pace to start upping my pace!  Getting excited!

Appreciation Time (A.T.)!

I appreciate my softball coach!  She's not really a "coach", but she's our coach...the only one that has taken it upon herself to try and get all of us slackers in order every season.  She's got to be one of the nicest people in all of the land.  She's an elementary school teacher...not to mention teacher of the year!  She's got great ideas I've heard and her students just love her.  Heck, I love her!  She's so much fun to be around.  She's got a wonderful husband, the cutest little girl ever (who always smiles for me), and a really fun family.  Even with all of this going on, she finds the time to organize our softball team.  We're not the easiest bunch of girls to play with or sometimes get along with (ask any other team in the league, or the GF, she'll tell you).  And she always down to hang out.  She'll drive all the way across town just to meet up with you for a drink or a laugh or a little bit of both.  She'll probably even drive all the way across town to bail you out of jail (haven't been in that situation yet, but I bet she's good for it!).  And she always knows when things will just work themselves out!  I like hanging out with her, she's good people!  I also love that she loves Vegas just as much as me!  She's not scared to scooch up to a table all night long and sip back her Cap'n until the sun comes up!  And because of that, she'll go down as one of my best buds!  Love you coach!

Do you have a special machine that you like to use when you go to the gym?

Do you play softball or any other rec sport?


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