Friday, February 17, 2012

My Amazing Niece

No breakfast makes running hard.  I had absolutely no energy for my run today.  I meant to have some toast this morning, but kept getting sidetracked with work and it never happened.  Then it was time for the gym...and I didn't have any GU in my bag, so I was without energy for my run.  I wanted to get in a big run today too.  Oh well.  I'm glad I got in what I got in!

I also have some issue with my neck-upper-back on the left side that was irritating me during my run.  Well, it was irritating all day yesterday, all night last night, and all morning today, so I knew it'd hurt during my run.  I tried to stretch it out really good after running, and I'll do some heat tonight, but I hope it doesn't hinder my weekend running.  I've been looking forward to my weekend running, so I'm not gonna miss it!

Last night, the GF and I woke up to our neighbors down the block having a crazy loud fight.  They were pushing and shoving and screaming and crying and at some point I thought I heard mention of a gun.  A guy from the house across the street came out and started yelling too.  It was going on for about half an hour, needless to say I couldn't fall back asleep for a half hour after that.  Then a couple hours later they started screaming again, so I just got up for good!  I guess this could help explain why I'm so tired today!

Today I'm going to appreciate my niece. 

If my Seester or Bro could please read this to her.  Thank you.

Dear best niece in the whole wide world,
First of all I love you!  I appreciate the look on your face when you come to see me.  You look excited to hang out with me and it makes me feel loved.  I appreciate your creativity.  Your imagination just blows my mind.  I appreciate your energy.  You're always so talkative and you've got tons of stories to tell.  I appreciate your mind.  You are one of the smartest 6 year olds I've ever known and I already know you're smarter than me.  I appreciate your cute little teeth.  Although you won't let me pull them out with my pliers, I enjoy your smiling face every time I see you.  I appreciate your crazy hair.  Although it's not as curly as your brother's hair, it's still pretty crazy and I love the designs that have been created with your hair.  Oh, and I love when you mistakenly thought you should cut it yourself!  I appreciate your attitude.  You need to remember to always listen to your parents, but it's okay to be a little sassy at times.  And I really appreciate how much you love me.  You used to be so shy around me, but I think you've grown to know that I'm pretty cool!  And so are you.  You have grown up to be such a wonderful niece, and I look forward to all the years we get to spend together in the future.  Now, when are you coming over again?
Love, your Auntie Chicken!

I hope you all have a great weekend.  We've got more plans to celebrate the GF's B-Day!


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