Monday, February 6, 2012

Suberbowl Thoughts

Appreciation Time!

I appreciate my BFJ!  Really, she's amazing!  I may have said this before, but she's the nicest, kindest, sweetest, most honest friend I have.  She's just a great person.  Today she made lunch for me and the GF!  We meet every week for lunch, but it's not nearly enough time spent with her.  We need to hang out more *hint *hint!  Anyway, we were roomies for about 4-ish years.  And we have been BF's for about 8 or 9-ish years.  I think I may be one of her friends that truly "gets" her (as much as she wants to be "getted"!)  I know that she'll always be there for me whether it's for a shoulder to cry on, someone to pick my drunk ass up at 3 in the morning, or just someone to hang out with.  We've always had great conversations.  She makes me think a lot harder than I ever want to.  I make her very uncomfortable in lots of loving ways!  And she's got these great dimples!  We may have had a few bumps in the road over the years, but it's only made our relationship stronger.  She knows that I'm gonna celebrate my birthday for a month, and I know that she's gonna hold it over my head for the other 11.  She knows that I think very highly of myself, and I know that secretly she does too!!  So, really, I appreciate everything she's ever done for me.  I appreciate that she still comes around when she knows how silly I am.  I appreciate that she knows when I wanna be serious on some occasions.  And I appreciate her for being my friend!  Love you J!

Superbowl Thoughts

What a game, huh!  Giants win!  Not that I care about the Giants, but I definitely don't care about the Pats.  The commercials were nothing special except for about 2...the dog exercising to be able to fit out of the doggie door and chase down the car, and the M&M shell party!  Seriously lol'ed on that last one.  Madonna was amazing.  I've heard lots of mixed reviews today, but I really enjoyed her performance.  Kelly Clarkson sang a very good National Anthem too.  Very professional-like.  Otherwise, nothing else was very spectacular about the evening...except I did drink, drank, drunk last night...okay maybe not quite to the drunk stage, but close!

Spring Break

Spring Break is almost upon us.  In a month, I will have a week off of school and I am taking advantage of not having to do ANYTHING...except work of course!  We are planning on going to Phoenix for Spring Training and visiting some long lost friends.  Plans are still in the works, but consider me MIA for a week...although I may still blog...who knows!  I will take a couple days off work to really enjoy myself!  The GF will also have a week off of all classes and I'm sure she's counting down the days!  It's already been a busy semester for her, so I know she's gonna welcome the much needed break.  Can't wait to solidify these plans! 

What did you think of the Superbowl?

What are you doing for Spring Break?


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  1. I'm the same about the teams. Don't really care about the Giants, but I hate the Pats, so I cheered for the giants by default. I love that the game went down to the last second.

    What about the Mr. Quiggly commercial!!!! The french bulldog in the Sketchers! Loved him, but I loved the other 2 that you mentioned too.

    Spring Break? Whats that? I don't think I get that anymore... I will be taking March 23 off as its my birthday and I'll be celebrating with the midnight showing of Hunger Games and Wicked that night.