Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Addicted

I'm addicted to trail running!  The weather was so great today (about 51 degrees) that during lunch I did 4.5 miles near the river.  It was a scheduled speed training day, but I thought "what the heck, today may be my only good day of the week" so I headed to the trails.  It was gorgeous out.  The sun was shining on my face, my legs were minimally sore, and my back felt like a million bucks!  It was a great mid-week run!

Speaking of my back being a million bucks, I went to go see the wonderful Chiropractor yesterday.  Not only is he a funnyman, or a great friend, he's a miracle worker.  He was able to finally pop my neck and back in all the places I needed for so long.  I actually hadn't been to see him in 3 about a much needed SNAP! CRACKLE! POP!  Needless to say, I appreciate his role in my life!  We used to shower together after football games, and now I see him every 3 years for a quickie on his bendy-table!  How can you not appreciate that?

On a serious note, last nights GLEE was very emotional.  It dealt with bullying and what it can lead too and it made me very sad.  They also touched on the life where everything is going right until that one bad thing happens to break your world apart.  Such an intense episode full of so many meanings and lessons.  Great episode.  Speaking of tv, this has got to be the worst season of The Biggest Loser!  So many whiners and complainers and cruel, cruel personalities.  For the season of no excuses, there's been nothing but!  I'm getting really sick of listening to them complain for 2 straight hours!

Do you watch The Biggest Loser or Glee?

Do you enjoy trail running?


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  1. I just started watching Glee on Netflix this week. I'm on episode 3 of the first season, Not sure why I never sat down and watched a full episode before.. I guess you can say I'm getting into it. Oh and Yes, I enjoy trail running also!