Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Buddy and Me

My BFT is an amazing person and I appreciate that she takes the time out of her busy schedule to text or email just to say hi!  We don't see each other very much.  we live 3 hours away from each other and have very busy schedules.  She is a softball coach at a D1 University and works too hard for her pay scale!  We've told her time and time again that she works too hard for nothing, but she's so passionate about what she does, that she puts up with it!  She's such a hard worker.  Even if we go visit her, we have learned to respect her ridiculous work schedule!

I appreciate that she's such an individual.  You'll never EVER find anyone like her!  She's got the biggest heart, but doesn't take any sh*t from anyone.  She'll tell you how it is.  She cares about your feelings for sure, but she'll be honest with you no matter what.  You can tell that she's been hurt in the past, but you can also tell that it just makes her stronger.  She has a vulnerable side and isn't afraid to reveal it to me, but she's got a tough side too so she can protect herself when necessary.

I appreciate that she's so lovable.  Talk about the biggest teddy bear friend I have!  A hug from her will cure any problems you're having.  We also have our own special ways of showing appreciation to each other!  She's always available to listen to my problems, no matter what time of day or what kind of problem (not that I have many), but I know I can call her at 3am if I needed to and she'd talk me out of a tree.  Sometimes just a 3 word text from her can cure an unhappy afternoon at work.

I appreciate her brains.  She's not just a softball coach, she's pretty damn smart.  Not to mention that she has the coolest talent in the world...I can call her up at any moment in time and ask her the artist and name of a song and she knows it!  It's amazing...maybe not many country songs, but anything hip hop and she knows friggin cool is that!!

I appreciate her!  She's a best friend that came from weird circumstances and although the situation sucked, I would do it all over again just to have her in my life.  She's my buddy!  I wouldn't replace her for anything!  Now if only we could fix this distance problem! 

Love you buddy!


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  1. This is just about the most heart-warming thing I've read in ages. I really needed something so "up" right now. You are a blessed woman, Chicken...truly you are. Friends like that are so very rare.